Hey folks, I haven’t had time to watch any games this week, but I wanted to give an update for all my fans. Best wishes to Chris Bosh for a strong recovery. I’m glad they caught the clot early. I want to give a shout out to the Mount Mercy men’s team who earned a first round bye in the Midwest Collegiate Conference playoffs rest up fella’s good luck. And a shout out to the Mount Mercy women’s team for clinching a spot in the playoffs as well good luck ladies. God bless everyone.


James and Cavs win by 20 against former team

After tonight’s game Lebron looks to be on the right team. The Cavs have just one more game against da Bulls before the All-Star break this weekend. James’ flash in the lane play helped boost the Cavaliers to victory. On any given night you will see a sky high alley oop from Lebron. But tonight was exceptionally delightful as this was James’ first game this season against his former championship caliber team. The Cavs defense was jelling tonight. After the All-Star break Cleveland will need to rely on they’re defensive component stepping up on a nightly basis as they prepare for the playoffs. Cleveland is currently ranked 4th in the Eastern Conference.

First half highlights

Lebron sky high alley oop with 9 min in first

Lebron nice drive and lay in

Nice outlet Cleveland

11 point lead 3 and a half to go in 1st for Cleveland

0 Love knocks down trey

Turnovers plaguing the Heat

Can half court shot closing out 1st quarter give Miami Momentum?

Lebron another assist 11:05 of second quarter

And 1, three point play

Slama jama dunkaroo, see ya Deng

Mozgov big block

11 pt lead at half

Bulls beat by Rockets

The Rockets tossed up 101 points while the Bulls only managed 90.  Harden was certainly the leader of the Rockets with 27 points. Pau shot around his average with 16 points and his counter (Joey Dorsey) only managed four. Jimmy Butler show cased his talent racking up 27 and was complimented by D Rose who had 23. Pau earning another double double is proving his worthiness as an All Star starter.  And Joakim Noah has been playing alright since his injury only scoring 1 point but collecting 19 rebounds.

The Bulls need to rebound from their loosing slouch 4-6 of their last 10 is under par to say the least.  Pau needs to step up his defense in the paint. When the point guard comes in for a lay in or dunk its like Pau is glad he gets a close up. I’ve noticed this the last couple of games I’ve watched. If they expect to rally together and earn some more wins; Pau improving his defensive help inside the lane will weigh heavily on starting a win streak.

Super Bowl

From the start of the game there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered.  The one that just entered my mind is who managed the clock better?  Seattle did the best calculated risk and reaped the reward.  Then at the end of the game the only question left is why not hand it off on second and one? The highlighted points in the middle don’t matter when Kearse makes a ridiculous, phenomenal catch and Marshawn gets you to the one, the eruption awaiting in Seattle would burst with Lynch busting across the goal line! Now imagine how the city feels.  Congratulations to Tom Brady for joining the most elite list of Quarter Backs.